Marvelous Url Shortener?

In this post, I will not describe how to install shlink url shortener as you found on the Internet, I just make a small note to myself, maybe I'll try to install this later.

Since last year, I'm using yourls as a self-hosted URL link shortener. The software (url shortener) was good, however, the stats of every short url was too limited and the UI was too plain and simple for me.

and then I found this tutorial:

How to Install Shlink URL Shortener on Ubuntu 20.04 Server
Shlink is an open-source self-hosted URL shortener, which allows you to shorten URLs and serve them under your own short domain. This tutorial will be showing you how to install Shlink on Ubuntu 20.04 with Apache or Nginx web server.
Shlink Features

- Visit stats: Track all the visits to your short URLs, including stats like location, browser or referrer.
- Email tracking: Generate a 1px transparent image that can be used to track emails.
- Third party integrations: Easily make third party tools use shlink to shorten URLs by using a single-request API endpoint.
- Custom Slugs: Make your shortened URLs use a custom slug to easily identify campaigns.
- QR codes: Generate QR codes on the fly pointing to your short URLs
- Previews: Get previews in image format for any short URL
- Tags: Tag your short URLs and classify them for later analytics
- Limited access: Limit access to short URLs, by date range and/or maximum number of visits.
- Third-party imports: Import your existing short URLs from third parties like
- Command-line and web interface.

Looks promising, isn't it?

Both the shlink application and the shlink web client are separated.

And you can add your server to the web client in the official web client too on!

GitHub - shlinkio/shlink: The definitive self-hosted URL shortener
The definitive self-hosted URL shortener. Contribute to shlinkio/shlink development by creating an account on GitHub.

you can also self-hosted your own web client on your server:

GitHub - shlinkio/shlink-web-client: A React-based client application for Shlink
A React-based client application for Shlink. Contribute to shlinkio/shlink-web-client development by creating an account on GitHub.

Maybe I'll plan to install it later. See ya!