JuaraGCP season 8 is coming

Hello Developers! JuaraGCP is back!

#JuaraGCP is an online self-study program that provides developers in Indonesia with access to hands-on Google Cloud labs while learning alongside a supportive community of peers.
#JuaraGCP Season 8 - The Challenge

This is my 3rd time joining the JuaraGCP, the first time was JuaraGCP season 5, and then season 7. Now it's time to join season 8!

This season has cool GCP swags too:

Complete at least 8 quests to get tier 1 rewards, and 14 quests to get tier 2.

This event is only available to Indonesian (Warga Negara Indonesia), and Starts on November 8, 2022, with Deadline on December 4, 2022

You can start joining JuaraGCP season 8 on this link. (don't forget to fill out the affiliate with CSJ-22-VLU8KN 😏😁)

#JuaraGCP Season 8 Registration Form
Hello Developers! Thank you for the interest in taking on the #JuaraGCP. This season, you will learn about Cloud computing infrastructure on Google Cloud. Please note the following areas. 1. This is only open to developers based in Indonesia. 2. We will send you a separate link to redeem your…

My Experience with JuaraGCP season 6 and season 7 is posted here :

My Experience with JuaraGCP season 5 and season 7
Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulllahi wa barakatuh (Peace be upon you all and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.) In this post, I’m going to share my experience of joining JuaraGCP season 5 and JuaraGCP season 7. JuaraGCP is an online learning session that provides developers in Indonesia with acces…

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I hope you join JuaraGCP to Learn Cloud Computing and Serverless Architecture technologies on the Google Cloud Platform with one month of free access to Google Cloud Skills Boost.