BorgBase first impression

I have been using BorgBase since June 2022, and this is my first impression of BorgBase.

What is BorgBase?

BorgBase is a place where we can host our borg backup repositories with support for monitoring, 2FA, and append-only repos, you can start using them with their free plan which includes:

  • 10GB free
  • 2 max repositories

Their documentation sites explain very well, how to set up borg backup and connect it to BorgBase, and how to restore them.

Command Line
Instructions on how to set up Borg Backup from the command line on Linux and macOS.

On the day I post (September 2022), They only have 2 backup servers region (EU and US), so it depends on your server, maybe we should use the neareast one.

Like my Singapore VPS use their EU region.

Currently, my backup usage is around 600MB

The Borgbase control panel fits perfectly what the user needed like we can check the event log, compact or delete the repositories and view usage of our backup repositories.

and BorgBase sent me a monthly backup report email too

BorgBase Monthly Backup Report

This is it. Good job BorgBase.
Thanks for reading!