TitipKirimin Review an Import Services from the USA to Indonesia

In this post, I'll try to review an Indonesian company that helps us Import goods from the USA to Indonesia named TitipKirimin, based on my experience.

TitipKirimin is a business brand from PT Lintas Negara Express that can help us legally import China, UK, and US services. Titipkirimin provides a shipping address for 3 locations (USA, UK, and China) to help us import goods from that location to our home.

We can check their introduction on their site https://kirim.titipbeliin.com/about-us and their transaction guide https://kirim.titipbeliin.com/transaction-guide

On 30 August 2022, I got an email from NGINX that they want my feedback on their product (which is NGINX products). The 2022 nginx user survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete, and we got 95% off on swag-nginx.com (the official site of nginx swag) for the rewards as a complement to their survey.

NGINX User Survey 2022

NGINX Swags store uses Shopify as their shopping platform which takes high pricing to send it to an international shipping address.

So at that time, I googled the keywords "Import USA to Indonesia" and then I found TitipKirimin.

After account registration was completed on TitipKirimin, all I have to do is fill the shipping address section on the swag-nginx.com checkout page into TitipKirimin USA address.

nginx swag

Here is the pricing difference between shipping to TitipKirimin USA Address first and shipping directly to my home.

Ship to a TitipKirimin address Ship directly to Indonesia
using USPS (USA-USA) using FedEx (USA-ID)
Shipping: $25.99 Shipping: $72.14
Taxes: $0.41 Taxes: $72.46

Then I proceed to TitipKirimin Address and fill out the order form on titipkirimin.com about my order at NGINX Store.

titipkirimin order form

I should pay Rp. 340.850 (around USD 22,27) + Rp 9.000 (USD 0.59) to ship from TitipKirimin USA Address to my home address and describe what package is inside the order, weight estimation (Kg), goods total dimension estimation, upload the invoice of my NGINX store order and choose the type of delivery.

After waiting for several days, the package arrived at my home. Here's the screenshot of tracking delivery:

TitipKirimin tracking delivery

As we can see, I proceed to pay it on 1 September 2022, and then my nginx swag arrived at TitipKirimin USA warehouse address on 6 September 2022, they began to forward it to TitipKirimin Indonesia Warehouse on 8 September 2022, and it arrived on 15 September 2022.

2 days later (17 September 2022), my package arrived at my home 😁

So it takes around 15 days, while if I use shipping directly to my home using FedEx International it will arrive around 7days+.

i love nginx
I love nginx

And the conclusion is:

How much difference in pricing between using TitipKirimin services and manual international shipping?

Note Ship to a TitipKirimin address Ship directly to Indonesia
Delivery using USPS (USA-USA) using FedEx International (USA-ID)
First cost Shipping: $25.99 Shipping: $72.14
Taxes: $0.41 Taxes: $72.46
Total 1st cost: $26.4 around (Rp 484.121) $144.6 = Rp. 2.212.915
Second cost: 340.850 + Rp 9.000 = Rp. 349.849 (Around USD 22,86) -
Total cost: Rp. 484.121 + Rp. 349.849 = Rp. 833.970 (Around USD 54,49 ) Rp. 2.212.915 (USD 144.6)

TitipKirimin Pros

  • The difference between the Titipkirimin platform and any other forwarder services is they are already integrated between payment and tracking. So, we don't have to do manual transactions, I mean like chat WhatsApp to their customer services center first 😂
  • To ensure the package is delivered or is already processed or not, we can still chat with their customer service using the WhatsApp button on their site.
  • For every tracking delivery status update, they will send us an email and WhatsApp bot notifications.
  • Cheaper than using premium international shipping services, I just pay around Rp. 833.970 (Around USD 54.49) to ship from the USA to Indonesia (my home location).
  • The package is not being repackaged so it was just reprinted with the domestic tracking label.

TitipKirimin Cons

  • I think they are currently only accepting local customers (Indonesian), not international customers.

Okay, thanks for reading!

Thank you NGINX (Part of F5) for the swag, and thank you TitipKirimin for helping me to forward my order from the USA to my home.

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