Exclude Application Display Scaling in Windows 10


The default display scaling feature on Windows 10 or further is a core component of Windows OS. But sometimes this feature for some specific apps can cause compatibility issues, unreadable texts, blurry signs, and ultimately app crashes. source: thegeekpage.

And I faced a problem with this Windows DPI feature too, especially when I'm in gaming mode (RF Online).

This screenshot says it all:

When I press Print Screen on the keyboard to screenshot in-game in RF Online

How to solve it?

It's easy, you need to disable High DPI settings for individual apps.

Step 1: Find a main .exe on your application (in RF Online, it's RF.exe)

Step 2: Right-click on that .exe, and then open Properties.

Step 3: when the Properties pop-up opened, click on Compatibility tab

RF.exe Properties

Step 4: on the Compatibility tab, click on Change high DPI Settings and check Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by: Applications. Click OK.


and then Restart the application.

Exclude Application Display Scaling in Windows 10 problem solved! 😉

New screenshot:

Full screenshot in-game

Thank you for reading, Paalam.