Marc Spector Moon Knight and Elliot Alderson Mr Robot DID Disorder

Last night i have finished to watch Moon Knight season 1.

As a person who did not read the comic, this series good as usual like the other marvel movies. The old bird and hippo CGI 😂, and fast forward or rewind the night sky..

Anyway, I kinda remember Marc Spector like Elliot Alderson in Mr Robot.

  • Both have serious mental health issues (Dissociative Identity Disorder) with multiple personalities maybe because bitter past. So they created a "new version" of themself to made them feel safe, or just to forgot the past.
  • Both trapped on their own mind prison.
  • Both have superpower. Marc Spector Moon Knight with superhero-thing and Elliot Mr Robot with his hacker-thing.

And I remember Twenty One Pilots have made a song about this too :

Twenty One Pilots - My Blood

For information on mental health resources near you, please visit the

and for fellow 🇮🇩 reader : Indonesian Mental Health Hotline

The Ending Of Moon Knight Episode 6

I hope you guys are doing well and safe. 😁