NAT KVM - NanoKVM's first impression


After receiving the NAT KVM VPS from NanoKVM, now I can log in to their panel.

It's using a custom-panel build with PHP and proxmox I believe. The UI interface looks like solusvm, so you should already be familiar with this 👍
Dashboard of NanoKVM

Click Manage to begin managing the VPS, and we can see the details of my VPS.
Dashboard of my vps in NanoKVM

As we can see, my NAT VPS have :

  • a private IP Address:
  • a shared public IP address:
  • with 20 Ports: 6900-6920

The dashboard that displays my private IP and public IP is different than the real one of course.. just in case .. 😄

through NanoKVM panel, we also have basic features of VPS panel like:

  • CPU and Memory of VPS's stats
  • Restart
  • Stop
  • Settings (to change the hostname of VPS)
  • VNC (External VNC: noVNC will be implemented soon, meanwhile you need to use an external vnc client)
  • Boot Order
  • and ISO (there are limited ISOs available right now on Fremont location: alpine-standard3.14.iso, centOS7-netinstall.iso, devuan-chimaera.iso, gparted, netboot, and system-rescue.iso)

on network tab, it displays my vps network configuration:
Network tab

As we can see, my internal IP Address is with gateway, and its isolated, we can't ping neighbor since the type of network is internal.

on HAProxy tab, it displays HAProxy configuration:

NanoKVM offers HAProxy integration, so you can add your own domain and make it online with default HTTP/HTTPS port (port 80/443). 😎

on DNSProxy tab, it displays DNSProxy configuration:

I don't know how to use this, for now, maybe I'll figure it out later.

Everything's great so far, how about let's install a wordpress on it?