Solving OR-CBAT-15 GCP free trial problem


I wanna share, how i solved [OR-CBAT-15] payment problem when i try to sign up Google Cloud Platform free trial.

OR-CBAT-15 payment problem on GCP

Error OR-CBAT-15 :

  • I used a debit card of Bank Jago Syariah (VISA).
  • I can't contact them with "Go to support", because  I'm not a billing administrator of my GCP account.

Solved by :

I start to sign up for cloud identity, Google gives me a TXT record to verify that I own the domain (

When it's done, I can now log in with my cloud identity (in case mine is: to

Just like google workspace, now I can use google features like keep notes, google drive (google gives me 15GB of space).

Then I tried to re-apply free trial GCP again to get $300 credits.
And they approved me!

Approved for Free trial of Google Cloud Platform 

They give me additional $100 credits bonus too.

we've added $100 USD in Google Cloud credit to your account.
Organizational Free trial bonus

Make sure to use it, because it's just for 3 months of a free trial.

This problem was solved by Mr. Toni when I was learning on Professional Academy by Digitalent Kominfo Scholarship in 2022.

Thanks for reading and Happy learning Google Cloud! 😁