I use DiscussBot Telegram as my blog comment system on Ghost

I use DiscussBot Telegram as my blog comment system on Ghost

This began when I browsed the Docusaurus site showcase (https://docusaurus.io/showcase), on their first page I visited 404Lab.wiki -using Docusaurus of course-, using a unique comment system that is implemented on his blog.

Log in to comment with telegram accounts

then I became curious about this comment system and started to browse what exactly Discussbot is.

DiscussBot - Telegram’s web comment widget | Product Hunt
Add comments to posts in your channel by using the Telegram Discuss Bot. Add comments to pages on your website by using the Telegram Comments Widget.

DiscussBot is displayed on ProductHunt and made by Pavel Durov (who is the founder of telegram itself). So it makes clear that DiscussBot is an official app from Telegram.

If you are interested to use, you can follow these steps :

  1. Login DiscussBot with your telegram account (Login to Connect)
  2. And then connect your website by clicking Connect Website button.
  3. Simply add your site on Site Name and Domains and then click Connect Website
  4. After your site was added successfully, you can start using it by embedding the embed code to your site after your post code or before the footer.

DiscussBot Feature Overview

In this section, I'll describe what DiscussBot's main features:

Send Notification on Telegram

This DiscussBot will send us a notification to our telegram on every comment made on Blog Posts (Website Pages), for example:

a comment on one of my blog posts
  • And DiscussBot sent me a notification about it on the Telegram app
DiscussBot on Telegram

If I click the Show comment button, it will be redirected to the main blog post.

DiscussBot always sends a notification for every comment :

DiscussBot Full Notification on Telegram

That notifications belong to my post: https://ariq.nauf.al/blog/solving-or-cbat-15-gcp-free-trial-problem/

Basic Feature

With DiscussBot, it has basic features of a comment system such as like, reply, and delete. But since this comment system is integrated into Telegram App, it has more features like :

  • Delete and Ban
  • Make Admin
  • Make Moderator
Delete and Ban, Make Admin, and Make moderator to one of the comments on your blog post

That menu is only visible if you are already logged in with your telegram account  (as an Admin).

But it lacks any other features of the comment system have like :

  • export or import from another comment system (like disqus)
  • notification to email
  • etc

And that's it. So, what do you think about this? 😁

Thank you for reading