My August 2022 Roundup

FYI: This post is the third post of the monthly roundup post, which began in June and then in July 2022.

In August 2022,

I started to focus (again) on my studies to become DevOps and Cloud Engineer by joining and completing some online classes, it is still the same e-learning platform: Dicoding.

If you have read my post before (Won some events). I received a one-month Dicoding platform learning subscription by joining IDCamp 2022 Sharing Contest Event.

So, what did I learn this month?

  1. The first class (Learn to make Back-End applications for Beginner with Google Cloud) teaches how to deploy applications to Compute Engine,
  2. The second one (Become a Google Cloud Architect) teaches how to plan your google cloud architecture like designing reliable architecture with the Architecture Diagramming tool first, then creating HTTP autoscaling with 2 instance groups and 2 different regions, creating a custom dashboard to monitor CPU, ram or traffic usage on VM instance, and the last one to estimate usage cost of our GCP services with GCP Pricing Calculator.
  3. The third one is  Learn CI/CD Implementation which teaches how to implement CI/CD with Jenkins, Jenkins Blue Ocean, monitor usage with Prometheus and create a custom dashboard with Grafana. This one is so tricky because I tried to deploy it on Google Cloud, so I have to open some ports on the firewall when I install Jenkins, Prometheus, and Grafana. 😁
    I use Prometheus as a data source in Grafana, and Prometheus pulls metrics from Jenkins.
Become a Google Cloud Architect on Dicoding

My First Grafana Dashboard (monitor Jenkins Usage)

And this august is the end of my Dicoding monthly subscription and my Google Cloud account trials. 😢

my google cloud free trials expiring in 2 days (captured on 2/9/22)

And... that's it.

Thank you for reading ✌️