Benefits of subscribing to Newsletter

Lately, I was subscribed to many software-programming-related newsletters on my email.

  • NGINX Newsletter
  • Grafana Newsletter
  • nixCraft Linux & Unix Sysadmin/DevOps Tutorial Newsletter
  • Bill Gates (via the Gates Notes)
  • Flavio
  • Linux Handbook
  • Packtpub
  • Dicoding
  • Linux Foundation
  • Red Hat Developer and so on

Some companies like NGINX (F5) gave free new great ebooks and even swags* to their loyal newsletter subscriber.

NGINX User Survey 2022 on the newsletter
95% OFF NGINX swags after I take the their survey

Or maybe new insights/knowledge/tutorials from personal blogs like 5 great books for the summer by Bill Gates recommendation on his Gates Notes.

I subscribed newsletter on his blog too

a free programming ebook like "The Go Handbook" from @flaviocopes.

or maybe a training scholarship like Linux Foundation Scholarships (LiFT Scholarships) like I posted before on this post.