I try to apply LiFT Scholarship today !

I try to apply LiFT Scholarship today !

Today (05 April 2022), I try to apply LiFT Scholarship Application 😁

What is LiFT Scholarship?

LiFT (The Linux Foundation Training) Scholarship is scholarship offered by The Linux Foundation at no cost, which they cover the expenses for one eLearning class and one certification exam

The Linux Foundation is offering scholarships in each of the following categories:

  1. Open Source Newbies
  2. Teens-in-Training: (Students 13 - 18 years)
  3. Women in Open Source
  4. Software Developer Do-Gooder
  5. SysAdmin Super Star
  6. Blockchain Blockbuster
  7. Cloud Captain
  8. Networking Notable
  9. Web Development Wiz
  10. Hardware Hero
  11. Cybersecurity Champion
  12. and Linux Kernel Guru

I choose SysAdmin Super Star 😎 . I hope i got selected on this year.

Anyway, you can apply too before 30 April 2022 ! https://linuxfoundation.org/diversity-inclusivity/lift-scholarships/