Learn to Dream Big like Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece

Learn to Dream Big like Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece
Today is Sunday and let's post about out-of-topic once (besides posting about technical things 😂).

Once a childhood and youth entertainment sometimes can inspire the audience to do extraordinary things in their lives.

The one of popular topics on the Internet is Anime, I really like Anime, a lot.

And talking about shounen (少年) anime never ends

One of the most common in Shounen (少年)  is about realizing dreams, starting with Naruto (ナルト) who wants to become Hokage (a village leader, sort of), and Midoriya (known as Deku / デク) wants to be the number one hero.

Another shounen that is no less popular is

One Piece

This shounen (少年) that has existed since I was in elementary school until now, is still one of the most loyal shounen that the audience is waiting for.

Apart from being a fun story, the main character's struggles are quite interesting because it reminds me of the concept of achieving a dream, called Infinite Mindset.

Origin of Story

One Piece takes place where pirates rule the ocean, the story begins when the King of pirates named Gol D. Roger who was hailed as the king of pirates was sentenced to death by the world government

just before he died, he said this :

My Treasure?  It's yours if you want it. Find it! I left all the world has there!

or maybe like this one in Japanese :

おれの財宝か? 欲しけりゃ呉れて遣る。探せ!  この世の全てをそこに置いて来た!
Ore no zaihou ka? Hoshikerya, kurete yaru. Sagase! Kono yo no subete o soko ni oite kita.
Famous last word of Gol D. Roger

then inspired a lot of pirates to sail the oceans looking for these treasures. This is what is called One Piece, like the title of this story.

Years later, Roger's story inspired a village boy who had a rubber body from eating a rubber devil fruit named Monkey D. Luffy.

Monkey D. Luffy Introduction

He dreams of finding One Piece and becoming the king of pirates, to make his dream come true. Luffy starts sailing away from his village and along the way, he finds people with various skills and recruits them as crew.

Luffy always wears a straw hat (that was given by Shanks), and his fleet came to be known as the Straw Hat Pirates. He starts everything literally from zero and starts sailing himself with a raft but over time he begins to gather strong friends, who eventually join the Straw Hat Pirates (SHP).

Something interesting to me is why did Luffy get that big? Imagine, he started from a nobody riding a raft, and continue to be a commander of a large pirate crew.

Luffy and Zoro start their journey with Raft

The question is how can a country boy be that influential? Even though in everyday life Luffy is depicted as an innocent figure who seems stupid and always whiny, like how is that?

How to do someone who is whiny can have that much influence, how it can be?

Infinite Mindset

Despite all that attitude, Luffy is a cool leader, in my opinion, Luffy as a captain fulfills all the checklists as a visionary leader who has an infinite mindset and that is the key to his success.

So, what is the infinite mindset and why is it that Luffy's success can become the one of the Yonko 四皇 (Four Emperors) **spoiler alert 🤣?

So, first of all, let's agree that our life is a game, not a video game, but a game where each of us should be the main player in our own game

According to James Carse, there are two types of games in life, the first is Finite Game and the second is Infinite Game.

Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse, check his book on Amazon

Finite Game a.k.a limited game is a game with clear rules, the goal is clear and the orientation is to win, it's like a football match or a video game.

While Infinite Game is a game where the rules are not always clear, the goals are not always clear and the scope is not always clear.

Try to think: if you are a One Piece manga-reader or anime-watcher

Should the adventure of looking for One Piece be Finite or Infinite?

Are the rules clear to finding "One Piece"? No, isn't it?
Is it clear how to play? No, isn't it?
Is the goal clear? In fact, until now, no one really knows what One Piece is and where it is.

Looking for One Piece is an Infinite game and to be successful in an Infinite game, you need to have a captain who has the strongest infinite mindset possible.

and Luffy is that person.

Infinite Mindset Characteristics

Okay, let me explain, these are some of the characteristics of people who have an infinite mindset:

#1 People with an infinite mindset play to grow

Their goal of doing something is to grow, they always think how from what else is done to help them to continue leveling up.

Luffy doesn't just stick with One Piece's treasures, he doesn't mind stopping and training to get stronger, he was willing to disband his crew for two years (3D2Y) after losing at Sabaody Archipelago.

He told all of them (nakamas) to develop themselves, to become stronger, to make sure they are ready to face anything forward and not easily fall like before.

#2 People with an Infinite mindset, play to contribute and cooperate

People with the Infinite mindset don't play to beat others, not focus on how to let others lose but how to play together with each other.

let's look at Luffy, has he ever carelessly beaten someone just because that person doesn't agree with him? he only fights against people who Luffy thinks are interfering with other people's freedom like Tenryūbito.

#3 People with an Infinite mindset are moving toward something bigger than themselves

People with an infinite mindset live and work to realize a big goal that they have set with this belief that there is something bigger than ourselves. So no matter how difficult our environment is, it should be even more difficult to make us waver.

Luffy's adventure is not only for his prosperity but for freedom and to defend the weak from the hands of the invaders.

In case you forget, Once upon a time before time-skip, Usopp asks Rayleigh if the One Piece really exists or not.

and Luffy said :

I don't wanna hear where the treasure is!
I don't even wanna hear if there is a treasure or not!
I dunno anything about it, but everyone sets off to sea to find out for themselves!
If Pops (Rayleigh) were to tell us anything here, then I'll quit on becoming Pirate King!
If we're gonna have a boring adventure like that, then I would rather die!

Why? Because if Luffy knows what One Piece is and how to get there it's no longer an Infinite game, but a Finite game.

and for Luffy, it's not that fun, he even said he'd rather die than he knows this thing.

Luffy hate spoiler, be like Luffy

So that was Luffy's story, now let's talk about it a little bit, why is this Infinite mindset able to make people successful?

Simple because life is an infinite game and not a finite game,
so let me ask you, is your life clear?

because when people entered young adulthood, they were all in shock suddenly. During school, the game was Finite, right? like you know what did you study, when was the exam, and what was the target score?

Once you finish school and college, the game suddenly becomes a live game and Infinite. Because no one prepared you for a game like this, it's a shock, because the way you played before was irrelevant and different, your game is not Finite anymore and like a Straw Hat Pirate.

You need a strong captain for your own life, who is that captain?
Yes, we are alone, we are the captain of our own life.

In the end, our life is a long adventure that we go on alone. 😥

Of course, we need to have friends, Luffy also has friends, right?

There's the crew, there's another pirate friend, but who determines where the ship sails? Yes, yourself, and that is the captain you need for your life.

Are you ready to be the captain of your own life? I mean it's not easy because we were meant to be the captain of our life.

You need to know yourself first, know what your strengths are, what are your weaknesses, and how to overcome them.
Luffy and Roger same words

I decided to post this because I have watched One Percent motivational video on youtube, you may check their videos here

Be happy, don't give up, you'll regret it. ✌️