I've been blogging since 2018 on my other personal blog, which is only posted in Indonesia (cause it's my native language). And I start a new personal blog in March 2022 as I said before:

this is my first attempt to create an english blog.

And I made it! I posted 100 posts in english on this blog about my hobbies, my work, and my journey. Let's wrap this up.

2 Reason

Around 2021, I read flaviocopes medium about "Every developer should have a blog. Here’s why, and how to stick with it."

Every developer should have a blog. Here’s why, and how to stick with it.
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He said that a developer's blog can "learn much faster and Kick start your career", and I believe it.

Giri Kuncoro (a CNCF ambassador) said on the webinar that contributing to Open Source can be a way to improve existing skills, meet people with similar interests, grow our reputation. [my blog post about it]

Perhaps it's similar to the path I choose, I tried to make a little contribution to the Internet with my blog post 🤩

and in December 2021 I found this 100 Days To Offload challenge, so I decided to begin to write starting 2022.

Tell us about your dog, your cat, your fish tank, or whatever hobbies you have. Someone will find it interesting. [100DaysToOffload]
Just. Write.

So, there are 2 reasons: Flaviocopes and 100DaysToOffload.

Since I talk a lot about my hobbies and my work. I made my several posts into number one on specific keyword ranking on Google, such as:

Some people trying to contact me on Instagram and Twitter directly about the post.

Actually "OR-CBAT-15" is a Google Cloud problem, I'm sorry can't help you guys, the problem that I solved on the post is maybe fixed in 2023, or maybe it's an accidental thing. You should contact about it to Google Cloud Platform staff directly.
and for "Install RF Online on Windows Server", I'm sorry can't help for a specific problem to setup it. There is RF-Dev discord which all of RF Online development community gathers on there, come join: discord.

and my post [NFS and Tailscale] was featured in April 2022 Tailscale newsletter. Alhamdulillah (All praises due to Allah )

It's not through our own efforts alone but due to the abilities and talents given to us by Allah. ¹

As time goes by, I run out of ideas as to what should I post. So I check nearby neighbors on the Internet to make me inspired to write again.

To appreciate them, I will put their link on my blog post (Yes it's a dofollow link, not nofollow) maybe can boost their SEO a bit.

To be continued

Anyway, I am confident enough to post about my hobbies or my work in english on this blog. (because with the help of Grammarly of course 🤣)

And Insya Allah, I will try to post again especially How To: Series but I don't know if it will be #100DaysToOffload part 2 like lazybear did.

Last but not least, thank you Kev for this challenge, and thank you guys on the Internet for reading my blog!